Beat What You Eat

Overcome Food Cravings, Regain Control Of Your Life And Thrive

Free 45 minute masterclass

7p.m Tuesday 26th April 2022

With Dr. Bunmi Aboaba, one of the world’s leading breakthrough experts on Food Addiction and best-selling author of ‘Craving Freedom: HOW TO USE THE R4 METHOD TO CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD AND WEIGHT LOSS FOREVER’.

Take control of your life, reclaim the wellbeing and joy you deserve and remove the feelings of shame, guilt and regret

A LIVE virtual event. A 45-minute intensive masterclass for anyone who is looking to understand food cravings and how to conquer them, learn the latest information to reduce and conquer food cravings for good. Learn the new, cutting edge techniques that I’m using with my clients right now. Learn how food cravings can affect you, physically, mentally, and emotionally and how they affect you from a physiological and a psychological standpoint.

This event is based on our unrivalled R4 Method and is a starting point for anyone looking to BREAK YOUR UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD.

Over 45 minutes, Dr. Bunmi will help you unlock the reasons why you get Food Cravings and the strategies to combat them.

In this Masterclass you will discover:

  • Why food cravings are nothing to do with hunger
  • Why willpower doesn’t work
  • The missing piece of the puzzle to regain control
  • How to get your power back and thrive
  • How feelings of shame, guilt or regret around food will disappear
  • Personally guide you through 4 powerful trainings
  • Access to the R4 method – An effective course for success

Our transformation guarantee

Break your unhealthy relationship with food forever

Break your unhealthy relationship with food forever

No more guilt shame or regret

No more guilt, shame or regret

Live powerfully, fulfilled and free from cravings

Live powerfully, fulfilled and free from cravings

Dr Bunmi Aboaba

Meet Dr Bunmi Aboaba

Hi, I am Bunmi, founder of The Craving Freedom Course, the UK’s leading authority on Food Addiction. I am passionate about creating change within the food industry to stamp out food addiction and disorder eating. Specialising as an Interventionist and an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I aim to equip anyone struggling with food cravings, addiction the freedom from assessing over food, along with the skills to support and manage food addiction forever. After developing the R4 Method over the last 20 years, I want to share with you the framework to change your relationship with food and food cravings – FOREVER.

Welcome to the Life Changing R4 Method

The R4 Method is unlike anything you have ever tried before during your fight with weight loss and food addiction.

Because it is based around not just your physical eating habits and your dietary intake but also your psychological reactions and your emotional relationship with food. It is built around long-term principles that means it will break your habits around food forever.

No more counting calories, no more weighing scales and no more guilt!

With the R4 method, around which my new book Craving Freedom is built, I will give you everything you need to create that shift in your relationship with food and to break free from the feeling of not being able to do anything about it. Which ultimately will empower you to the life you truly deserve.



Understand your current relationship with food, level of cravings or addiction, moving you forward, assessments, assessing problems with food and your relationship with it.


We will guide you through a process that transforms you. Transforming from negative to positive thinking around food, awareness of body, the mind and body connection. Transform thinking.


Helping you create a defence mechanism around craving. Craving control, self sabotage, relapse prevention food plan, triggers coping and recognising, wellbeing and coping techniques, self awareness, self regulation, fulfilment, empowerment at peace.


The most important part of R4 is ongoing success, this final stage will allow you to change your relationship with food forever. Ultimate weight loss, results and maintenance along with relapse prevention plus spiritual wellbeing.
Jo Dutfield

My name is Jo and I’m 49 years old. I’ve had a weight issue and body image difficulties since my late teens. My issues around food started with a bereavement at 18 and led to comfort eating. This would get more and more extreme as years went by and I went from being always under 9 stone to 13 stone in a matter of 18 months.

At 23 I lost the weight for my wedding day getting down to 10 stone and once married the real comfort eating began. Over the following 15 years my weight fluctuated greatly… I got as heavy as 18 stone and as low as 8 stone. Over the years, I yo-yo dieted. Food was my drug of choice. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t take drugs, but I do use food to soothe me. By the time I got to 47, 2 years ago my weight was 17 stone 10 and I had Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The endless cycle of binge eating, dieting and binge eating again had taken their toll on me. Then I met Bunmi. We met through my work as a therapist and intuitive.

The first time Bunmi talked to me about her life and history around addiction she inspired me so much. She’s so forthright and honest. Everything she shared resonated with me and I felt a huge light of recognition going off when she talked about her food addiction. She is so knowledgeable and open about her own experiences and this meant I too could open up about mine. In fact, until I had that first conversation with Bunmi about the effect of food dependency I hadn’t even put the dots together to realise I had a food addiction. To me that way of being around food was normal, it was life. Bunmi showed me it was normal; it was something I could change, and I could be free of this constant food craving.

Bunmi gave me the knowledge and understanding to instantly realise that I had a food addiction and as she explained the behaviours, effects and patterns I slowly understood why I had failed at every diet I’d ever done. She told me one profound and life changing thing and that was how food addicts are drawn to the same behaviour, substance, patterns because they are trying to recreate the ‘first time’ they ever experienced the ‘first bite’ of the food they craved. In my case sugary foods. The dopamine I got from eating sweet things was my addiction, driven by my brain trying to experience that huge hit from the first time. It was a life changing moment for me having that information gave me such a huge sense of self awareness and empowerment. As I took in her words, I felt an instant shift.

I’ve since worked with Bunmi a few times and it’s been massively self-affirming, life changing and healing. I went on to read her R4 method book with completely changed my life. I’m now going through a complete rehabilitation with food. I have time within me to make good decisions, Bunmi has helped me gain self-control, self-care and to put in place coping strategies that are healthy and support my health. It’s transformational.

Since meeting Bunmi and starting down this path, I’m happy to share that my weight is down almost 6 stone in the last 2 years. I no longer rely on food for comfort, for coping. My cholesterol went from 7.8 to 4 and my blood sugars from a dangerously high 126 to 60 and controlled. I don’t act impulsively around food anymore and I only eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I don’t spend all day thinking about food. I’m free. I can’t put into words how that feels. It’s incredible.

I really believe she has a special understanding and empathy for this condition and such effective and transformational techniques and a fully comprehensive approach. It’s empowering, life enhancing, and it works!

I would highly recommend everything Bunmi does and will continue to work with her well into the future.

Jo Dutfield

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