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On modelling assignments and travelling, I got into a bad habit of grabbing anything convenient.

What was so frustrating for me was that I couldn’t get back into healthy eating once I got home. I craved sugar to the point I was starting to feel really quite ill. No energy, skin was awful and I was starting to feel low but I still kept consuming loads of it.

Bunmi worked on my mindset, strategies to stop my binges and cravings. Very interesting alternative methods were also used to get me back to my best, lose the excess weight I had gained and get my sanity back.

Rosa Shaw

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Have you ever been at a point in your life where you felt helpless, out of control and incredibly unhappy? Well, that was me. I was quite overweight, and after attempting every diet going, I felt like nothing would ever work and that being overweight was my “life sentence”.

Business had completely taken over my life, and my family was suffering. I felt I was a failure at being a Mother and a Wife – and I had no energy to take care of the things I needed to really take care of. At the same time, I felt I was “handling everything” in my business but the reality was that work was handling me and stress had taken a huge toll on my health and sucked all my happiness. I considered surgery but something stopped me.

Over the past 3 months, working with Bunmi, I have come to realise many things about myself. First was that while I was going through the motions of life, I was not really living the life I wanted to live. I learned that there is no need to “go on a diet”.

The most important lesson I have learned on this journey with Bunmi is to put myself at the top of my priority list. At first this concept was foreign to me – it felt like

I was being selfish and uncaring. With Bunmi’s coaching, I am learning that when I am healthy and happy and my life is in balance, I am able to be a better mother, wife, and career woman.

I have a very demanding, high stress business, and while the workload has not changed, my approach to it has – I have learned the “power of pause” – just stop, listen to me and and give myself time to respond in a way that works for me.

None of this happened overnight. But working slowly and with Bunmi’s caring guidance, changing one thing at a time, learning not to beat myself up when everything does not go as planned (at that is a lot of the time!).

I am beginning to get my life together. The weight has started to come off, and more importantly I am a happier, more confident person.

I am truly grateful to have a supportive guide in Bunmi who continues to guide me on this amazing life journey. Less than a year ago I did not believe any of this was possible, I now know I will reach my goals – my weight goals, and my life goals!

Ann C

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